LOMID partners win Franco-German business award

12th December 2017 | Posted in Outside project

Two of the leading partners in the LOMID project, the company Microoled and the research institution Fraunhofer FEP, have been awarded the 2017 Franco-German business prize by the Franco-German chamber of industry and commerce for their coooperation on the development


LOMID project presented to Korean audience

11th November 2016 | Posted in Outside project

In October 2016, Beatrice Beyer, the leader of the LOMID project, presented a summary of the project’s aims and progress  to policy makers and academics at the 5th Korean-European Union workshop on Nanotechnology.


EuroNews interviews LOMID partner Dr Stephen Hicks

10th February 2015 | Posted in Outside project

In February 2015 the television news programme EuroNews aired an interview with Dr Stephen Hicks of the University of Oxford concerning the work his group has done on the development of electronically augmented glasses to help the visually impaired. This


New app for smartphones to help the visually impaired

16th January 2015 | Posted in Outside project

January saw an update to the smartphone app ‘Be my Eyes’ which allows the video image from a smartphone to be relayed to online volunteers, e.g. to read a label or instructions in order to help blind or visually impaired


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