LOMID microdisplay performance successfully evaluated

The LOMID project recently (February 2018) completed an initial assessment of the performance of the new microdisplays, using the first few wafers with the final design. The performance met, and in some cases exceeded, the specifications with e.g. an excellent contrast ratio due to the project’s innovative circuitry to control black levels. This successful initial assessment was marked by a formal deliverable report to the European Commission (which funds the LOMID project). The project is now in its final phase, building and testing demonstration systems with users. The manufacture of the demonstration systems (a VR headset and a headset to aid people with impaired vision) was completed in March, and user testing will be completed by the end of June.

The images below show the prototype VR headset (much slimmer than existing designs, and with higher resolution and optical performance), and the novel ThinEyes optical components.

LOMID H2020 project