LOMID partner publishes in ‘Combinatorial Science’

The LOMID partners at the University of Leipzig recently had a paper accepted in the journal ‘Combinatorial Science’ published by the American Chemical Society. Within the paper Influence of the Cation Ratio on Optical and Electrical Properties of Amorphous Zinc-Tin-Oxide Thin Films Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition a combinatorial thin film growth method is used to explore the optimal cation composition of amorphous zinc-tin-oxide layers which will eventually be used to make transparent electronics to power next generation displays.

According to the first author of the paper, Sofie Bitter, the combinatorial approach described within the article enabled the determination of the tuneability of the optical and electrical properties of amorphous zinc-tin-oxide by a variation of the cation ratio. The results of this study will advance the development of zinc-tin-oxide based devices with the desired properties.

For more information, contact the LOMID project leader Dr Beatrice Beyer (details on home page), or the University of Leipzig’s media staff.

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