Publications from LOMID

Peer-reviewed papers:

Influence of the Cation Ratio on Optical and Electrical Properties of Amorphous Zinc-Tin-Oxide Thin Films Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition in ACS Combinatorial Science (2016)

Vital Role of Oxygen for the Formation of Highly Rectifying Schottky Barrier Diodes on Amorphous Zinc–Tin–Oxide with Various Cation Compositions in Applied Materials & Interfaces (2017)

Microdisplays for Smart Eyewear in Optik & Photonik (2018)

OLED microdisplays in near-to-eye applications: Challenges and solutions (full text available from the linked Fraunofer FEP website)

Another paper resulted from the project, but is only available from the publisher for a fee:

High frame-rate 1″ WUXGA OLED microdisplay and advanced free-form optics for ultra-compact VR headsets



Other presentations:

Invited talk about developing curved microdisplays, given at the 24th International Display Workshop, Sendai in December 2017.

LOMID H2020 project